A few of our ‘tuned in’ breakouts

Client Portfolio

‘Over the last decade, VC technology funds have failed to keep pace with the S&P index in terms of ROI. Their batting average is like a baseball player (2-3 out of 10). At PEP, our objective is 80%+.’

We’re proud of our track record.  We’ve been both lucky and good. 

The good part is being ‘tuned in’. It’s the filter that helps us pick well, invest well, consult well and manage well. If a business is well aligned to a market opportunity and owns a distinct advantage in what and how it provides its product or services to customers, most often we need to just get out of the way and let success happen. The best of our clients are the ones who intuitively get the value of being tuned in, work with us effortlessly and manage their organizations with the kind of high-impact, high-energy attitudes that generates great results.

Here are just a few of the winners we’ve worked with: 

StoredIQ: The Truth about Big Data
The leader in the management of unstructured data (according to Gartner).  We developed the companies strategy for growth, led a $10m financing round, acted as CEO of the business for 30 months and led the sale of the company for a strategic multiple to IBM.  The business and its team are now strategic cornerstones of IBM’s Big Data strategy in Enterprise Content Management.
Aerisa: Cleaning the Air we Breathe
The leader in the southwestern United States for indoor air quality in industrial and commercial environments.  We purchased the company from its original owners, refactored the product line and distribution strategy, grew the business from startup to profitability at $500k a year and sold it to the market leader, Plasma Air.  The products are now distributed across North America.
Firehost: Making the Cloud Safe for Business
The leader in providing secure cloud hosting for the mid-market business.  We worked with the owner of the business in its start-up phase to align strategies and connect to sources of capital.  The company is now profitable and growing at 7% a month and raised $35m in capital from the Stephens Group to fund its growth strategy to become an IPO-bound business by 2015.
Cyclone: Simply Connecting Businesses.
The leader in B2B collaborative business solutions.  We led the company from its post-startup phase of $3m in revenue to a breakout leader in B2B commerce serving the development of trading communities in health care, logistics and financial services.  After building the business to $35m, it was merged with Axway and has now grown to a $450m/year business that is publicly listed on the Nasdaq exchange.  Cyclone’s management team drove the growth and IPO strategies.
SalesLogix: What you need to Sell.
The leader in providing CRM solutions to the mid-market.  We supported the growth of the company from a $2m startup to $110m business and a successful IPO on the Nasdaq.  The paths to profit and growth included both new internet-based interactive selling networks and the acquisition of ACT! from Symantec.  The company was acquired by Sage for a strategic multiple and is now part of their SMB portfolio of products.
Novadigm: Building the Enterprise Desktop.
The leader in managing the distribution of software across client/server networks.  We were part of the founding team that launched the business and fueled the marketing strategies that developed a leadership position in the Distributed Systems Management space and growth to a $77m business.  The company was sold to HP to become a cornerstone of its OpenView platform for its patented continuous configuration.

We’ve also consulted with dozens of other companies including a start-up in the non-profit charitable donation space, a leader in police protection systems, the production of a sports and faith-based movie, and a variety of small businesses in music, golf, ministry, manufacturing and health care sectors. The ‘tuned in’ techniques apply broadly but our heavy investment and experience is in Tech.

PEP Fund 2 will add to this list.  Would you like to be next?

Learn more about our How to Create My Breakout Success consult to getting tuned in.