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Tuned In

‘Your opinion although interesting is irrelevant!’

Isn’t it time you got your business ‘tuned in’?

Tuned In was co-authored by our founder with friends and colleagues at Pragmatic Marketing.  It hit the best seller lists when it came out in 2008 and offered many stories of success (and some failures) from interviewing more than 200 SMB leaders.  Looking back, it is amazing how so many of the stories predicted success based on the alignment to the Tuned In process.  Small companies then like The Knot, GoPro, ZipCar and others along with an unknown politician named Barack Obama were all stories we followed. 

The book provides a great foundation for working with PerformanceEdge.  It shows how our company building philosophies are shaped and centered.  

Tuned In:  A roadmap for connecting your business to the problems, buyers and business models that catalyze growth.  It makes it seem easy.

Phil co-authored a best selling book with Craig Stull and David Meerman Scott while at Pragmatic Marketing. Tuned In describes how more than 60 small businesses connected the dots to create their breakout companies. Most were small when they started and well-known market leaders when we found them. They came from all industries and walks of life but shared two things in common – their perspective about how to build a great business and the intelligence at how they spent their time.

Tuned In businesses seem to operate effortlessly. That’s no doubt because they know how to focus on the things that matter most…building a business that resonates.