About PerformanceEdge

Proven CEOs. Trusted Advisors. Successful Fundraisers.

We are experts at building business breakthroughs. We can help you because we’ve been there, done that. And have now teamed together with a singular purpose … to give every small business owner the opportunity to grow successfully.

PerformanceEdge is led by Phil Myers, a seasoned operator of hi-tech businesses with more than 30 years of experience in developing market leading companies. He has personally led 6 companies as their CEO and created 9 category leading businesses.

Now teamed with a group of 16 partners who share his values and vision for business building, PerformanceEdge is unique in bringing the right mix of leadership, advisory services and funding to your opportunity.

  • Our philosophy is simple. If your business and team are ‘tuned in’ to the focus that is undeniably yours and yours alone, we can build a breakout.
  • Our system is proven. We’ve worked with dozens of companies just like yours and have a greater than 70% success rate in creating winners.
  • Our services are high-impact. We leverage our experience at business building to focus strategies, streamline execution and energize management teams.
  • Our funding is strategic. We focus on ensuring that you are fully funded to execute your growth plan without looking back.

We don’t work with a lot of companies. We concentrate our focus on a few where the relationship and purpose are the strongest, with an eye towards a 24-36 month plan to gain self-sufficiency or exit.

In short, we are all in on giving you an edge towards creating your breakout.

General Partner

Phil Picture

"I love watching a team come together, rally around a plan and commit all their energies to building something great. Our passion and mission lies in being a catalyst for their success."

Phil Myers is the General Partner at PerformanceEdge Partners (PEP). With more than 30 years of experience in the tech industry, Phil has served and led companies in the software space in multiple categories, from systems management to CRM to e-commerce to Big Data to Marketing Automation. His work has produced successful outcomes for 9 technology startups, growing each into category leaders. He has led three IPO’s and four M&A exits to strategic buyers such as IBM and HP.

Phil is also one of the co-authors of Tuned In, a best selling business book that interviewed more than 200 tech CEO’s to discover the guiding principles that separated success from failure. He is a frequent speaker and writer on topics related to CEO leadership.

Phil lives and works in Scottsdale, Arizona where PEP is headquartered. He owns both a bachelors in accounting and a masters in management science from the Pennsylvania State University.

PEP Partners

PEP is blessed to have relationships with more than 16 leaders in business and finance serving as partners of the firm.