Growth Capital

Capital with a Purpose

Our capital has a singular design. To fuel your growth plan completely.

We are not startup investors. Nor are we a traditional venture capitalist, growth focused or otherwise. We are not focused on driving a path to profitability. Nor are we a funder of a long-term plan to develop innovations that are not market-driven.

Our capital follows a plan we jointly discover, fully vet and completely align to for a minimum of 18 months. The funding plan we create with you fuels your operation to aggressively pursue getting the right people, building a breakthrough product and aligning your business model to value.

From there, we’ll engage with you, your board and investors to map a financing plan that maximizes value for all stakeholders. Typically, that is through one of three scenarios:

  • $1-2m to fund a play. A business development initiative that is strategic and will, if successful, become a cornerstone of you business long-term.
  • $3-5m to launch a new product or business unit. One that requires its own increases in staff, marketing and even sales or service units. Designed to operate on its own and grow or as a component of a bigger strategy.
  • $7-10m to transform your business. A complete repositioning that covers new product investments and an upgraded go-to-market alignment to a new persona. Designed to provide a mid-stage recapitalization or to execute a pivot.

Our capital is focused and finance-efficient. We are not looking to consume your cap table, only to optimize it for the situation you are tuning in to. In most cases, the focus is on a 24-36 month plan to gain self-sufficiency or exit where we take a 20% interest in your business.

All designed to produce an exit that includes more capital or M&A that is accretive.

Our Investment Filter

We understand where you are coming from. We've sat in your seat.

The sweat equity and personal capital you've invested into your business is precious to you. Bringing in a new owner who provides that added runway you need seems like both a blessing and a curse. That's why we believe strongly in developing a custom funding strategy that optimizes your position.

We’re not for everyone. Our model works best when all stakeholders are in total agreement on the four basics to building a ‘tuned in’ business:

  • The right people. With the passion, focus and experience to win markets.
  • The right strategy. Tuned In to resonate with a specific target.
  • The right business model. Frictionless in its execution and easy to scale.
  • The right financing strategy. Funding incremental steps to your growth plan.

We are not looking for a complete package of all four up-front. Our typical starting point is a $1-2m business that has a working product and customers. In that baseline, we can work with you to find your resonator.

More than $1B in value created


Performance Edge Partners Llc

$ 10,000,000

Series C Offering

September, 2013

Led by

Sold by IBM for 8x Multiple


Blue Cava


Series B Offering

February, 2015

Led by

Merged with Qualia


Performance Edge Partners Llc

$ 10,000,000

Series A Offering

July, 2018

Led by

Building Donor Engagement Category