Business Acceleration Services

Our System for Growth

Our System for Growth is simple. Align your people and strategies to a focus that will resonate in your market. Tune In your execution to ensure that you are optimizing your product and go-to-market processes. And then fund your growth for 18 to 24 months to give you the time to win.

The system starts with a set of services we use to make sure we and you are aligned. The key to any growth strategy is picking the right focus and building a team that thinks and acts as a single unit.

Throughout your business building journey, we like to build a relationship with you and your team that is paced and leveraged. As such, we offer you access throughout to the best practices and wisdom of our partners.

  • Our Assessment Services get you ‘tuned in’. We take the first 60 days of any customer we work with to map your current operations to the tuned in model, identifying the central elements of your product, marketing, sales and service catalysts for growth. We use an ‘outside-in’ model to align with you because it's neither our opinion nor yours that matters, it’s the markets.
  • Our Acceleration Services focus on filling gaps. Working with you to design an organization that builds products that people want to buy, creates frictionless buying experiences and orients services towards long-term customer value. We know the fast path to getting things done and will help you to focus your collective energies on monthly ‘sprints’ that will get your growth engine moving.
  • Our Advisory Services are always on. We know you’ll hit speed bumps and that actual execution will never work exactly as planned. To keep you on track, our team will proactively and reactively work with your organization to find and fix problems that are keeping you from achieving your goals. Having a trusted guide for each course correction makes them seem easy and almost planned.

Many venture and private equity firms offer services. Few make it a central part of their relationship with you. At PerformanceEdge, we believe that combining investment capital with intellectual capital aligns us completely and accelerates your growth plan.

We have the same goal you do. Work every day to get the business a little bit closer to its breakout. Our services are our way of putting more than just money behind you.

Case Study


What do you do when a channel that delivers 65% of your revenue buys a competitor?

When we first engaged with StoredIQ, the situation was near crisis. As a $3m a year storage and eDiscovery software provider, the company did not have the ability to survive a more than 50% drop in revenue. The capital to marshall through and the lack of a strategy to rally around caused the board to pause and engage PEP.

Over the next 90 days, we worked with the management team to get ‘tuned in’, identifying a strategy that better optimized the tech the company had built, moving it from a tool to a platform that served the emerging Big Data marketplace. The investments they had previously made in discovery technology that understood, modeled and trigger management actions on petabytes of unstructured data fit very nicely into a major movement in the industry for all companies to deal with managing their data.

The strategy led to a $10m financing round that PEP led with S3 Ventures to recapitalize the company, add to its staff and upgrade the product from a tool to a suite of solutions that CIO’s would appreciated. Marketed through a campaign that spoke to ‘The Truth about Big Data’ the company grew revenues in the coming two years by 80% and began to acquire Fortune 500 customers.

This momentum attracted the attention of many industry market makers and in particular IBM’s Information Governance group. Less than 3 years after we began our relationship, the company was acquired for a strategic multiple.

Customer Testimonials

James Schellhase

James Schellhase

CEO StoredIQ

"PEP provided us with strategies for growth when we needed them most. Their expertise made a big difference in helping us find our sweet spot. Their capital was timely and well directed. And their services helped me keep the company aligned throughout."

Ray Gary

Ray Gary

CEO iDonate

"One of the things we love about PEP is their ability to think big and step out with us as we journey to turn our small donation processing business into a billion dollar standard in the charitable giving space. Their mix of service with smart capital is a really growth catalyst."

Jeff Kukowski

Jeff Kukowski

CEO SecureAuth

"I’ve worked with PEP through three companies now and the consistency of their process and quality of relationship is something we value highly. Very few capital firms get what it is like to sit in the CEO chair. PEP does and that makes them a valued and trusted partner. "